Those Who Have Identifiers, Let Them Identify



I picked up my son from his school today.  He is a third-grader in a charter public school renting a part of a building that belongs to a church. We went to a bathroom which I visited, perhaps, a hundred times before. But today I noticed something that I have never seen before on a bathroom sign.  And I mean any bathroom sign, not just a bathroom sign in a church. I decided to take pictures of those signs and post them here. Perhaps, those pictures may help to break the stereotype that people who go to church are “closed-minded”.

6 thoughts on “Those Who Have Identifiers, Let Them Identify

  1. Interesting how much progress the country is making on these issues.

    Just out of curiosity, what denomination is the church? (I could see the Unitarian Universalists doing it where I live, but not many others, at least not yet, but I do live in the deep south.)

    • These signs are from the First Unitarian Church in Portland, Oregon. It’s an interesting church. I have not been to their services, but it seems to be more of a cultural and community center rather than a place of worship. They do not have crosses everywhere. They have a reading room full of philosophy books, offer various classes – yoga, meditation, photography, guitar, painting to name a few, give room for two schools and a shelter for homeless youth. This bathroom sign surprised me because I have not seen anything like that anywhere else, not just in a church. I do not know how long it has been there. Perhaps, for a while. I just did not pay attention.

  2. Church and religion in general anyway, work like business. To survive in the market they need to be welcoming and look appealing. This obviously does not provide proof of this certain branch of Christianity being superior in any way but it is good that they are working around people and not the other way around. This has inspired a new post for me, so thank you!

    • Welcome. I don’t think that there’s anything wrong with filling people’s needs and being sensitive to them to attract people. Apparently, religion does fill some needs, otherwise it would not exist. And some churches are better at this than others.

      By the way, I don’t think that a sign like this is intended to attract more people. Given the prejudice against “those who identify” in our sexist society, such sign may, actually, deter some people from the church. So, I don’t necessarily agree with the attitude “Oh! In the end, they are still doing it for profit.”

  3. As one who identifies as female, it would make life a lot easier if this were general. I would only have to claim that I identified as female, not that I really was, when someone doubted it.

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