Sharp Right Turn

I always supported the liberal causes: gay rights, women’s right to decide what to do with their bodies, women’s equality with men, I despise racism, sexism, and xenophobia and believe that immigrants must have an opportunity in the U. S. just like I had. I didn’t like Bush’s lies about WMD in Iraq and the war he started for oil. I liked Obama for his charisma and decency. In 2016, I voted for Hillary. Not as much “for Hillary” as “against Trump” because I thought he would ruin the country.

Then there was the measles outbreak in 2019. It showed me who the Democrats are and what they really stand for. I have a son who had a very bad reaction to his first vaccine and now has multiple allergies and severe autism. Disclaimer: I don’t think vaccines cause autism. It’s just a sequence of events. Since then, however, we don’t vaccinate children anymore using a non-medical exemption at schools.

So, last year, using the hysteria around measles, the Democrats in my state decided to remove non-medical exemptions. Practically, it meant that my children would have been kicked out of schools along with 31,000 other children in my state who use these exemptions. Along with children injured by vaccines, these exemptions are also used by small religious communities. It’s important for them not to inject certain ingredients into their children. The parents of these children would have faced a choice: risk to further injure their children, violate their religious beliefs, or quit their jobs and home school. All, of course, “for the common good”. The impact on these children many of whom have disabilities and the economic situation of these families would have been devastating. Ultimately, the bill failed due to heroic efforts of the Republican senators, but I have learned a few things in the 5 months of fighting this bill and meeting with state legislators.

This is what I learned:

  • The democrats don’t give a hoot about women’s rights. It doesn’t make sense to scream “my body – my choice!” and deny parents the right to make medical decisions for their children.
  • The democrats don’t give a hoot about women’s right to work. If they did, they wouldn’t push a law that would force thousands of women to quit their jobs.
  • The democrats don’t give a hoot about people with disabilities or education in general if they wanted to kick children with disabilities out of schools in violation of federal laws. Incidentally, they have passed a law last year called “Student Success Act”. Guess what the law was about: a massive tax.
  • They don’t care about public health either. They only care to mandate pharmaceutical products to please their corporate masters. Most diseases preventable by the mandated vaccines don’t spread easily and have nothing to do with measles.
  • The democrats don’t give a hoot about religious rights if they think that people can’t refuse injections for religious reasons. Antisemitism caused by discriminating against the Orthodox Jews on vaccine issue still reverberates in New York state.

Then I thought about other causes that Democrats are so vocal about and found a pattern: increase taxes, keep the people poor so that they vote for them, exploit human suffering, divide people into “victims” and “oppressors”, create “injustice” out of thin air and maintain this perception through the media.

  • The democrats don’t care about humanitarian conditions on the borders. If they did, they wouldn’t deny Trump money to address them. But they were happy to go to the border and feast on human suffering, pointing out how “cruel” Trump is implementing their laws.
  • They don’t care about the illegal immigrants either. If they did, they would have addressed the issue long ago. But they benefit politically from their suffering and exploitation while doing nothing. Why should I have compassion for thugs violently storming our border and being sprayed by the border patrol if I waited 2 years to see my son born in Ukraine while my wife patiently waited for a visa?
  • They don’t care about the global warming either. In my state, they found a “way to address global warming” – tax those who emit too much GHG (loggers, farmers, and truckers) with no proposal to oversee how the money is spent. At the same time, our governor proposes to destroy 3 dams on a river that provide clean cheap energy “to save the salmon”.
  • They don’t care about the homeless. They only want to tax everyone to “address the homelessness crisis” driving up property prices and rents, pushing people out of work and out of homes.
  • They suppress the voters, adding the fake “emergency” clause to every law specifically to prevent the law to be referred to the ballot. Voters in my state have rejected these measures many times in the past, and they still push them down our throats.

I changed my voting registration from “non-affiliated” to “Republican”. I will not vote for another liberal. That’s it.

5 thoughts on “Sharp Right Turn

  1. I don’t share all your views, and as a Brit I don’t claim to understand US politics, but I see many common themes here with the political left generally. Too many people who call themselves liberal seem to support rather authoritarian views.

    • We have this Democratic supermajority in our state. They seem to believe that being a supermajority gives then a carte blanche to do whatever they want. So they push tax after tax after tax taking great measures, however, to stop these taxes from being referred to the ballot. That are afraid to have people voting on these laws despite being confident that they act in the best interest of the vast majority of the people. Needles to say, the dems represent primarily the residents of relatively small, but very populous metro areas. The Oregon map by county is mostly red. But the liberals arrogantly say: land doesn’t vote. People do. Win some elections, and, maybe, then we will listen to what you say. Until then, suck it up. No wonder they advocate to abandon the electoral college (which is a genius arrangement, by the way). With the popular vote system, the president of the US would represent only few states with the largest metro areas (mostly NY and CA). How the rest of the states vote would not matter at all.

  2. Can’t say I agree with your turn, but I can understand it. Politics is about inclusive self interest (yours, your families, friends, etc), and when a party isn’t meeting those interests, or is going against them, it’s rational to switch to the one that does fight for them.

    • So far politics were somewhat abstract to me. Mostly a matter of philosophy. This was the first time a specific law would have a specific and quite devastating effect on me personally. The callousness and deafness of Democratic legislators to people’s concerns was eye opening. I’m not a Trump supporter yet, but I won’t vote for another Democrat for sure.

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